Nice to meet you! I'm the "better" half of Arbor & Ivory.

I started this company in March 2019 as a way of combining my love of weddings and storytelling through the visual arts. My goal is to capture the moments of your relationship that make it unique, intimate and show a story worth telling.

Marriage is a beautiful gift from God and weddings are the beginning of that adventure! I hope to create films that inspire love and an appreciation for marriage. Nothing better allows you to relive your wedding day as well as share your story with others for years to come.

I'm CPR certified, an ordained minister and known by some as a professional wedding dress assistant in the bathroom. Needless to say, I'm an essential part of your wedding team and will be more loyal than most of your bridesmaids. I can't wait to help you get to the altar!


I guess that would make me the "lesser" half of Arbor and Ivory. We'll leave that up for debate.

My passion for film goes back to 2015, when I got my first Go Pro for Christmas. As the years went by, high energy EDM edits of jumping off cliffs and my array of extreme sport hobbies turned into cinematic documentaries of my travels and experiences.

I joined Arbor & Ivory in December 2019 to come alongside my wife (coming Nov. 2020) in telling epic love stories. We have a blast working together and love being involved as a couple in the wedding business. Working as a team allows us to better serve our couples as we've recently planned a wedding ourselves and are very familiar with the dynamics of shooting a wedding! We love making new friends and would love even more for you to be one of them!

Our Story

Luke and I met in high school. We started dating through a prom-posal his Junior year, my Sophomore year, and have been together ever since.

I grew up just outside San Antonio, Texas with my parents and brother. We lived in a small suburb town where everybody knew everybody and attended a small church in the area.

Luke was born in Saudi Arabia, and grew up in South Africa and New Zealand. He moved to the United States when he was 10 with his family and attended my local middle school and high school.

Luke and I each filmed Go Pro edits independently. Go Pro edits turned into travel films of our spontaneous trips, which turned into commercial films, documentaries, and weddings. I will admit, he beat me to the industry with the creation of his production company Vivd Media. It was only after he had been pursuing videography for a year that I decided to stop second shooting for him and make my own business out of it, and Arbor and Ivory was born.

I’m currently finishing my BSN degree at THE Texas A&M University nursing school (whoop!) and plan to maintain my medical license for missional medicine work abroad as a sort of life-long passion project.

Arbor and Ivory is my other passion that I love to get to live out with my husband at my side. Filming together, we love the collaboration of teaming up as a couple. We can finish each other’s thoughts and that makes working together oh so easy! There’s something special about a work partnership with your spouse.

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