Meet Us

First of all, we are so excited to become friends!

We are a husband and wife team, and currently live in Huntington Beach, California. A few of our favorite things include surfing, our two dogs Tobi and Milo, our Bible study, national parks, crossing off things on our bucket list, and traveling! Recently we've checked skydiving and swimming with sharks off our bucket list, and would love to hear your recommendations as we're always adding to it! We are super outdoors oriented, so of course we think it makes the best wedding venues!

We're CPR certified, ordained, TSA pre-checked, and Amazon Prime members so you can rest assured we are prepared for whatever adventure your heart dreams up!

Holly grew up in Texas so you will certainly be called "y'all" all day long, and Luke grew up in New Zealand, so he will say all the words wrong and that's entertaining too.

Working with Us

Off the bat, we should say that we are not probably not like any other film company you're looking at.

After years of filming traditional weddings every single weekend, we decided to shift toward a more creative, custom experience. We choose our couples carefully, and only accept a few select each year so we can invest in our films wholeheartedly. With us, you won't be another number that simply receives the same phone spiel and pre-made packages. Everything is custom to your experience so we can create the most intentional and personal films.

We find that we create our best work when we connect with our couples personally. We love to choose couples who share our love of the outdoors, bohemian vibes, travel and spontaneous energy. Our favorite locations are national parks, deserts, mountains and international destinations, but feel free to surprise us with something new!

We invest in all of our couples completely, which means no packages. When we create your quote, it’s custom for your wedding and includes everything from drone footage, to 6k quality (heck yeah we just said 6k), to an extra day with an adventure session. We don’t nickle and dime you for every little “upsell”, because we want every film we create to represent the best of Arbor and Ivory. For our films, it’s all or nothing so you can expect us to pull out all the stops. We don’t want you to feel like your buying a service package, but an experience with us that’s all inclusive and curated to your passions, your love and your story.


What is your style?

We are super passionate filmmakers about telling our couples’ stories. Our filming style is raw, indie, cinematic, intimate and adventurous! We love to showcase incredible locations through the lens of grand adventures, so there’s no better place to start the journey of marriage than under a waterfall or on a mountain!

Where do you film?

We travel worldwide! Our passports are ready for action and we have years of experience with international travel all over the globe. We can be packed for your wedding and off to your location at a moment’s notice. We even have a few discounted locations that are yet to be checked off our travel bucket-list. We’d love to hear if your destination is one of these! 

How many couples do you take?

Of course, we never want to turn anyone away, but unfortunately, there are only two of us! We limit the number of couples we take so that we can give the couples we do work with the attention they deserve! This means we only take around 10 couples a year, and do have to turn away most inquiries. So, if you think Arbor and Ivory would be a good fit for your wedding then please don’t wait to reach out because we’d love to hear from you and learn your story!

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