Nice to meet you!

Filming weddings has become a passion I've developed over the past few years. I'm thrilled to capture your story and create a film that showcases your love through the art of cinema. I'm also a former Aggie (Gig'em) and collector of passport stamps and bucket-list experiences.

Bucket list items in progress include cage diving with great white sharks and boating through the Waitomo glow worm caves in New Zealand. Recent checks off the list are skydiving over Zion National Park, and swimming with whale sharks. I'm always looking for new items to put on my list, so feel free to message me with your top recommendations!

I'm CPR certified, an ordained minister, TSA pre-checked traveller, amazon prime member, known by some as a pro line dancer, last minute hair stylist, and designated bobby pin holder. Needless to say, I'm an essential part of your wedding team and will prove to be more loyal than most of your bridesmaids. I can't wait to help you get to the altar!


Hey, I'm Luke, the other half of Arbor and Ivory.

My passion for film goes back to 2015, when I got my first Go Pro for Christmas. As the years went by, high energy EDM edits of jumping off cliffs and my array of extreme sport hobbies turned into cinematic documentaries of my travels and experiences.

Arbor and Ivory is my film outlet for telling adventurous love stories. Holly and I have a blast working together and love being involved as a couple in the wedding business. Working as a team allows us to better serve our couples as we've recently planned a wedding ourselves and are very familiar with the dynamics of shooting a wedding! We love making new friends and would love even more for you to be one of them!

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