We're stoked that you're here and are interested in having us tell your story! We're excited to meet you and become friends (inevitably).

We love to work with couples who are passionate about their story and plan their wedding to be adventurous, intimate, and often non-traditional.

Wedding Film Investments start at $2500
Travel Available Worldwide


What is your style?

We are super passionate filmmakers about telling our couples’ stories. Our filming style is a raw, indie, cinematic, intimate and adventurous! We love to capture couples who share our love of the outdoors and specifically adore filming in national parks and other breathtaking scenery. Whether you’re wanting to get married in a traditional ceremony with a bohemian touch, or an adventure elopement under a waterfall we are your people!

Where do you offer your services?

We travel worldwide! Our passports are current and we have years of experience with international travel all over the globe. We can be packed for your wedding and off to your location at a moment’s notice. We even have a few discounted locations that are yet to be checked off our travel bucket-list. We’d love to hear if your destination is one of these! 

How do I know that my footage is safe?

Beyond working with backup gear to protect against the chance of failure at the wedding, we go beyond the wedding day to protect your memories. Immediately following your shoot, we back up your footage from our shock proof, weather resistant solid state drives. Your footage goes to our back up drives, which are redundant drives that hold multiple copies of your files in multiple locations, as well as to the cloud for local and remote storage. Between these options, you can rest assured that we have prepared for every scenario and consider safe storage of your memories to be of the utmost importance (unless of course the internet implodes while the sun simultaneously engulfs North America).

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