Arbor and Ivory Film Packages

The Founders Package (Luke and Holly Shaw): $3000+
Filming with the Founders for up to 10 Hours
In House Editing by the Founders

The Arbor and Ivory Team Package: $1500+
Filming with 2 Team Cinematographers for up to 8 Hours
Professional Editing by the Team

Customize your experience with Add-Ons to create your perfect package!
* Team add-on options are limited


Capture your wedding from above with stunning aerial footage of your venue and event. We use some of the highest quality drones to capture your day with professional grade cameras even from the sky. 

Ensure the quality of your film is future proofed for generations with the highest image quality. 4K or 6K quality will not only stand the test of the newest technology on the market, but will capture your memories in unbelievable color and clarity.

If you purchase raw footage we will deliver all our camera and audio files to you after the wedding! This is a great way to re-watch the moments you loved, as well as experience the moments you weren’t around to see and may not be featured in your final film. These files will be unedited and uncut so they can be watched “home-video style”.

Choosing to Live Stream your day allows those who cannot be with you physically to engage in the festivities nonetheless. They can tune in, in real time, to your wedding ceremony from anywhere in the world through the power of the internet and feel involved in your union through those sweet moments.

We will blow you and your guests away with an edited film of your wedding played during your reception! Enjoy reliving your day in the company of friends and family before the day is even over! Your guests can enjoy finding themselves on the big screen and you can get a taste of your final film in this sneak peek!

Enjoy your ceremony in it’s entirety with a film that covers the beginning to end with vows and emotions perfectly preserved. This is great way to share the details of your day with those that could not attend, and rewatch your vows years later in full color and sound. 

Capture the entirety of your first dance with your new spouse with this first dance edit. This film is feature your first dance from beginning to end so you can rewatch this special moment as newlyweds.

This film will feature both the father/daughter dance and the mother/son dance. Capture these emotional moments as you dance with your mother or father at your wedding with this Parents Dance Edit and rewatch it with your family to remember the feelings and memories from your special day. This film makes a great gift to honor your parents.

This is a separate film of the toasts from your guests of honor. This film captures the entirety of their words so you can rewatch their toasts and re laugh at their jokes for generations to come. 

Bundle your videography with photography under one professional team. This allows for seamless communication between our team and less vendors for you to work with as well. We do all photography editing in house and offer up to 8 hours of coverage with the team package, and 10 hours with the founders.

Add an engagement photo session to prepare your save the dates, prints for your home, or just for your Instagram! This 1-2 hour session includes 50+ edited images and unlimited outfits. 

This 1-2 hour session captures you as a bride to showcase and feature you in your bridal attire. The 50+ images will capture your wedding look before the wedding to reveal after the wedding.

The social media film is a short highlight video that will be delivered before your full highlight film to give you a sneak peek of what’s to come. It’s also an opportunity to post something that can fit on Instagram’s 60-second time limit and get everyone excited to see the full film!

For the adventurous and passionate couples, We offer a private film session the day before your wedding to capture extra footage of you together! This can feature an activity such as hiking or something you enjoy as a couple or simply be footage of the excitement leading up to the wedding! This allows us to get to the heart of your story and elevate your film cinematically and stylistically. Unfortunately, there’s just not enough time on the wedding day to capture much footage of just the two of you. For those looking for really fantastic film quality, this is one of the best ways to take it to a new level.

Whether you want to have us film more than 8 or 10 hours on your wedding day, or extend an additional day of shooting, we offer our services at an hourly rate so you can customize your experience. The hourly rate applies per service, so a Photo/Video bundle would be $400/hour.

Whether you want to have us film more than 10 hours on your wedding day, or extend an additional day of shooting, we offer our services at an hourly rate so you can customize your experience. 

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